5 Million Avon Representative Websites? Here are 3 Tips to You Need to Know to Dominate Your Competi

Published: 04th January 2010
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In 1886 a man named David H. McConnell began a business at 28 years old, which was named California Perfume Company. The main place of business was in New York with an operating room that was 20ft by 25ft in size. He had 10,000 sales representatives within his organization by 1906. In 1939, the company was now called Avon Products, Inc. In 1954, Avon was now an international business.

Let's take a look at Avon in the present day. Avon has 5 million representatives all over the world and has $10 billion in revenues. Those statistics are just spectacular right? The truth here is that if you're an independent Avon representative, you have 5 million other competitors.

Take note that there are 5 million Avon representative websites on the internet at any given moment. Do you think you have an issue standing out from the crowd? If you're serious about being successful in Avon, you will need to learn how to drive traffic to your Avon representative websites.

3 Easy Ways to Have Bring More Traffic to Your Avon Representative Websites

Tip #1: Use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to build trust with your potential consumers. Customers will not buy from someone they don't trust or know. Facebook is an excellent spot to come across people who have similar interests as you. And currently, Facebook is the second most visited website on the internet. While you connect with people they will view your profile and see your pictures, how you dress, who you have fun with and really get to know you. This may seem trivial, but you can add links to your Avon representative websites on your profile to bring more traffic to them.

Tip #2: Simply shoot a YouTube video that highlights a new product and tell everyone what its benefits are. Capture your target market's interest by sharing a testimonial. People want to try before buying, but if they trust you and can see true real life results, that will be enough for them. And don't forget, you can put your website link in the description of the video, so that they can have that product ordered immediately!

Tip #3: Forum marketing can be a great place to gain some credibility. Locate your preferred health and beauty forum and provide a solution to someone's problem. When you comment on something, you can also leave a link under your signature. The caveat to doing this is that you will need to make sure you add value to the conversation. Do not pitch your opportunity; don't forget that there are 5 million independent representatives out there with the same website.

Leveraging the internet is a must today. The principles behind these basic tips are extremely critical to your success. Your target market must learn to trust you. This is achieved through familiarizing themselves with you. Being in more than one place at once is the best way to create familiarity. The other key principle is credibility. Avon is a strong brand and is credible on its own, but every representative must show that they are the one to buy from not the other lady.

If your ready to learn how to build trust and credibility for your Avon representative websites, then you need to find out how industry expert Mark Gubuan acheives MLM success. Your Avon representative websites will never be the same again.

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